Sunday, January 6, 2008

Last night, we were joined for dinner by Eri, John's friend, and a native of Okinawa. Her English is quite good (having lived in Hawaii for several years). I didn't realize how rife with idioms and slang my speech was until trying to communicate with Eri.

We ate at Chatan, a restaurant that overlooks the East China Sea. She wanted us to experience some real Okinawan food, because as it turns out, we've been eating Okinawa-Japanese-American-hybrid food all this time. For example, "taco-rice," a local favorite, is really just taco fixin's served on a bed of rice. DOH! I should have known.

So, we had her order some over her authentic faves for all of us to share. The papaya salad was pretty tasty, so was the bitter melon and tofu dish. For dessert, we had an ice cream parfait with okinawan cookies, which taste like a less-sweet version of really good gingersnaps. Yum.

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