Thursday, March 13, 2008

Part IV: The Fun!

The whole reason we went to Seoul was to see the LA Galaxy play FC Seoul in the World Cup Stadium. Unfortunately, Donovan was not there, but Becks did play all 90 minutes and he earned every penny of the $250 million that they pay him. Even the South Koreans rooting for FC Seoul went nuts when he touched the ball. FC Seoul won in shootouts, which John says doesn't count, so he keeps telling people they tied. No one cared, it was a good time regardless.

On the way to the soccer game


John where's your Galaxy Flair?....much better

Be The Reds!


Looking for a good pub

Found one!

She looks so innocent...

...but about 10 minutes earlier this woman literally smacked our friend here when he refused to buy flowers from her. We guilted him into his eventual purchase and international relations were restored.

Like a kid in a candy of wine and some coasters and I'm all set for the evening.

The Ice Skaing Rink at Lotte World

Some seriously colorful speedskaters in training

Have you booked your flights to Seoul yet?

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kellyerace said...

Your trip looks AWESOME! Man, you really took advantage of every moment there, huh! I love Korea. Can't wait to go back. (Thanks for the yummy looking bi-bim-bop pics by the husband's all ready to go out and buy us some stone bowls!)