Friday, August 8, 2008

Pandora's Box

Hello, loved ones.  I sure miss you all.  I wish that you were here to experience this crazy country with me.  Man these Japanese are funny. The children on this island run around from about age 4 without trace of an adult.  They hold hands and run across the street in a row.  They all wear uniforms - black skirts/shorts, white shirts, shiny red backpacks.  The smart ones go to school on Saturdays too.  They ride like 3 to a bicycle, hanging off the back, no helmets. Just out there having fun.  This is what I picture when my dad tells me about his childhood in Palo Alto. I caught the very tale end of that carefree independence in American cities.

I was shopping in a department store this week, and whenever the Okinawan children would stare at me, I would offer an "Konichiwa, ii desu ne??" which would make them giggle. Oversized blonde glamazon speaks Japanese!  Just a bit.  I actually found 2 dresses in my the "Big & Tall" store.  I'll take what I can get.

I start graduate school in 4 days!!  Very excited about this.  Have been doing a good amount of reading in anticipation.  Lots of books about the CIA. Just finished Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA. According to the author, it is based entirely on recently declassified (2005-2007) documents, revealing an inept and quite frightening secret police/military paid for by our tax dollars.  Yikes.  I've opened Pandora's box.

Conspiracy central over here! John and I listen to Democracy Now! every night before bed, which he [jokingly] calls "Conspiracy theory radio" but I have to remind him that it's merely radio without corporate oversight.  There is a whole underground flow of power and pressure and influence that is completely removed from democratic oversight. Oh I'm so going to enjoy these classes!!!

Putting the finishing touches on this season's jewelry line.  I'm doing a one-of-a-kind line for the Tokyo stores as well, I hope it goes over well.  I've gone slightly over the design deep end as well. 

John says Hello!  Gunner is freaking out right now because apparently our house is haunted. More about Okinawan ghosts at a later date.

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mae said...

Are you really going back for grad school!? What are you going to study?