Friday, September 26, 2008

New to the Island

Ron-Dre has finally arrived. That is "Andre" to those unaffiliated with the Toman family. Our first visitor. Today I took him to hit some balls and the #1 driving range in the Pacific. Then we patronized the "Partridge and the Pear Tree" a Japanese supermarket, given it's name by unknowing Americans because of it's twin bird logo. There we found a de-rish-us assortment of Nori (seaweed leaves) Pockey sticks (Japanese cookies) Asahi Beer (Naturally) and vats of Kimchi for Andre whose taste buds have been depleted by one too many government-issued MRE's in the dessert. Blech.

John won his first trial today!!! The defense had no idea what was coming, and no idea that he has years of experience in the Demonstrative Evidence field....he blew them away with an animated powerpoint presentation. A man after my own heart.

My International Relations classes are so exciting. I basically sit in a classroom and argue politics for two hours a day. Happy as a kid in a candy store. John is now pleased he's off the hook as my political punching bag.

Feeling grateful at this moment that I am too broke to worry about a stock portfolio. Here's apropo quote that a friend of a friend wrote the Washington Post:

"While witnessing, but not participating in, the home real estate frenzy in 2005 and 2006, I kept asking: Who is the idiot buying up all these mortgages issued on inflated home prices to all these people who have neither the capacity nor the intention to repay the loans?

Now I learn it was me."


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