Thursday, February 5, 2009

ADHD and one too many projects

Turns out I have massive Adult Onset ADHD.  This is self-diagnosis, of course, as I'm not going to waste the air force's medical resources just for them to tell me that yes, I bounce around a lot and need to learn to concentrate. On one project. At a time.  Clearly they don't know me at all.

I just completed a final on GeoStrategy that kicked my behind. What is geostrategy, you ask? Well since the entire class was only NINE DAYS LONG (two 16-hour weekends and 1000 pages of reading), I stored all the info needed for my test in my short term memory compartment, which I promptly dumped all over an US Weekly the minute class was over. (US Weekly is the girl version of beer, just dumbs you down in a really comforting way.) So - sorry, you're going to have to go to Wikipedia for the definition because I can barely muster the word. 

So now I just need to write the paper for that class, but I swear, I cannot summon the intellect. I tend to stick with subjects I understand (hence that dramatic hole where math and science should be on my transcript) but this class was just a little too much.

Anyway the point was (see how I drift?) that I have been a horrible blogger lately because of other commitments.  Actually that's not true, I've been blogging, just not here. I guess I never really mentioned it, but last year my friend Judi and I started another blog - Creme de la Mode - with an eye towards fashion and design. It's gradually getting more readership in the design-field which is great.  I think with the demise of certain magazines, like the recent shut down of Domino, there is an opportunity for taste-makers in the blogosphere.  Anyhoo, if you are so inclined, you can read it here:

Other than that, I have another midterm tonight. (But instead of studying, I'm writing a blog.) Just heard confirmation that my friend Masumi and her BF are coming to visit us in April.  Astonished by this news as even my family has made no mention of visiting prospects.  Oh and John and I are heading to Kyoto next week for a much deserved mini-honeymoon.  I will be sure to take lots of photos.  Jewelry designs due in the states March 1....other jewelry designs due in Tokyo mid-february...John has a mini-trial set for's a busy little factory over here at the Preston-Tomans! 

Oh and BTW, it's about 80 degrees without a cloud in the sky.  Don't you wish you were coming to Okinawa?


Cheryl said...

"Adult onset ADHD," huh? Hmm... thanks for that! I've been scrounging around for a diagnosis to the madness that has been me forevah! Actually, I just call people like us bloody brilliant at multi - tasking. Is this grandiose?

BTW, where can I view your newest designs?


Sumeba Miyako said...

bloody brilliant multi-taskers. I'm going with that one Cheryl, thanks!

You can view new my jewelry designs at

thanks for asking!!