Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Friends, Good Bagels

What a beautiful day. It is starting to push the limits of my heat tolerability index, but sitting in my favorite shady cafe, reading a travel memoir, is just about the best way I can think of to offset the humidity. We have an amazing bagel shop here in Okinawa, called Cactus Eatrip. The interior is lovely and odd - wide, cool, cement floors, white stucco benches with scattered pops of brightly-colored pillows. It is staffed (and owned?) by three young Japanese - two men and one woman. They speak almost no english, but since I order the same bagel sandwich every time, it's never been an issue. The bagels are PHENOMenal. They boil them in a wok and then toast them in a pizza oven. They are never more than 1/2 hour old, and so incredibly soft. Could it be possible that the best bagel in the world is made by Okinawan hands? Think of the consequences of that....

I had lunch with a schoolmate of mine - a guy who's been in the Navy for 9 years. He did his undergraduate and graduate work since he's been in, very impressive. He's one of those wicked smart people that knows a little about everything. Definitely a good meal companion. Then I ran into another workout buddy of mine. This whole life here is so interesting - these are people I would have never met had we not taken this adventure. I'm not generally the type that seeks out new people, that's more John's department (although I reap the rewards). It's so easy, past a certain age, to stop making new friends. My closest friends are the ones I met in college - but I had just stopped there. That was 9 years ago! I find myself incredibly lucky to be surrounded by these fantastic new people. Some sadly moving along - we lost Cortney to the plains of New Mexico last month. Some to leave soon, Lauren's heading off to Los Angeles (JEALOUS!) Most sticking around. I am a lucky duck.

John is acting out his "ahoy matey!" fantasy right now as he is participating in a lawyer exchange with the Navy. Somehow I think that sleeping in a foldout bunk with 3000 other dudes is not quite as romantic as his 2001 voyage across the Atlantic on a 4 person sailboat. But John will make the best of it, he always does.


aviva5271 said...

ok. hold it right there.
Exhibit A: I'm pretty sure you haven't spent any time in NJ or NY, therefore you have NO IDEA, my SoCal friend, what the best bagel in the world is.

I also present Exhibit B:
Sena makes the best bagels to be found on Okinawa.

Availability is definitely rare, so I'd agree with you on this - unless Sena's cooking up a batch, Eatrip has the best bagels. Their coffee pretty much kicks ass too.

And I'm glad I met you here, my friend. PLEEEEZ stay & play with me!

Sumeba Miyako said...

Fine Vivs, through down with the shiksa re bagels. I suppose you're entitled, being from the East and all.

Wow - that bagel on your site DOES look amazing. Does she sell them? How do I place an order?

Oh and yeah - if you and your crazy little threesome left this island before we did, we would be SERIOUSLY put out.