Friday, February 1, 2008


Thank God for the internet. I mean really. It's almost as if I'm not on an island in the middle of Southeast Asia. Funny that some people thought I would come down with "island fever" since this island is only about 45 miles long and 5-20 miles wide. Considering I stayed within a traffic-imposed 4-mile radius of my apartment in Los Angeles, I don't even notice the difference.

With more time on my hands than I've been used to in a long time, I have discovered a whole new world of blogs... I'm obsessed with the MOST recent news posts, play by play of candidate knock-down drag outs. Then there are design blogs, art, fashion, architecture, health, and blogs that randomly peek into interesting people's lives. So voyeuristic. So wonderful. It's like having and endless supply of beautiful glossy magazines delivered to my door everyday! Anyone who's ever lived with me and my mammoth stacks of magazines can understand how this makes me feel. Especially since the Post office has taken it upon itself to RETURN my magazines since I am not yet a military dependent. And my orders. And my forwarded mail. And my bank statements. Yep, until we get married, I get no mail. And so I say, once again, thank God for the internet.

I particularly like the cooking and raw food sites. Here is a great raw site....I made her raw mexican feast the other night, complete with vegan raw meat and cheese sauce... yum yum! For being a carnivore, John sure is open minded about my raw "cooking" and even liked my raw nut cheese. Hope you have a good weekend!

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Tracey said...

"Vegan raw meat".. that made me laugh. :)

I'm a blog and magazine addict. Maybe you should check out Pageflake ( It's this invaluable tool I use to keep updated on all my blogs at once, including yours. You can put any RSS feed into it, and it creates a little window with the most recent content for that blog. You can stick any number of little windows/portals onto your Pageflake page.. eliminating the hassle of navigating to all the separate sites.

Oh, if you get bored and feel like reading my musings (they're not very focused), my blog is at