Monday, April 14, 2008

Morty R.I.P.

[Scene - couple walks into apartment]

John: Gunner Bunner? Hey Gunner! What's a matter buddy? Gunner won't come out from under the table.

Jen: He did something wrong.

John: Gunner, what did you do?

Jen: Check upstairs for kitty puke.

John: Gunner, what did you do?

Jen: He totally did something wrong! look at him, he's totally hiding-

John: GASP!!!!!!!!

Jen: What, what did he do? What...

Jen: Oh that poop?

John: That's MORTECHAI!!!!!!

Jen: Oh my god, Gunner you better run.

[--20 minutes earlier--]

Mortechai: You're goin down cat.

Gunner: What are you gonna do from that bowl? huh? splash me? wah.

Mortechai: Sometimes revenge means the ultimate sacrifice.... [jump, flop flop plop]

Gunner: Damn you fish, I will not take the heat for this! Get your tail back in that bowl!!!

Mortechai: You're....[wheez]...goin....[cough]....doownnnn...[expire].


mae said...

the picture of your fish wrapped in cat hair made me laugh out loud. poor mortechai.

mae said...

Congratulations! I just heard the good news.

aviva5271 said...

I'm so sorry I'm laughing - but HAHAHAHAHA.... poor Mortechai. Nice Jewish name btw. :)
So great to get out with you today! I felt so happy I did that as I pushed the elevator button in my building.

Cathryn said...

LOL. That was hilarious! Sorry about the fish. :)