Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pizza in the Sky

It's easy to get into a groove. I think, even the luckiest girl living in Paris would start to unwittingly walk the same path around the city, walking her toy yorkshire terrier in the same park, noshing on croissants in the same cafe, shopping for her louboutins at the same boutique....sigh....where was I? Oh yes, the groove. We are notorious groovists. So we've made a goal of one new exploration every weekend.

This Saturday, we went to a wine tasting event at Kadena. Apparently a Napa collective sent over $250K worth of wine, there were 100's of different bottles to choose from. Great time.

This Sunday we went to "Pizza in the Sky" a pizza restaurant that serves 1 flavor salad, 1 flavor pizza. The pizza has sausage, corn, peppers and beacoup cheese. The real treat is the view. It takes about 1.5 hours of driving on windy highways and through gorgeous, ropey jungles. You emerge from the botanicals atop a viewpoint that spans miles and miles.

On the road to Pizza in the Sky

We ate on the patio balcony

The view from the outdoor seating area

The menu

Lauren and I

Tasty pie

The cutest coffee presentation


AlanaMarie said...

could i get directions to Pizza in the Sky?

JP said...

Directions to Pizza in the Sky:

Tracey said...

Wow, not exactly your average pizza joint.