Saturday, May 31, 2008

Found my camera cord

We have a drawer with about 23 different white Apple cords.  My camera cord has been hiding in there.  So now you get to see photos!

A tasty meal at Thai in the Sky

As if eating the shrimp wasn't mockery enough, John has to give it the bunny ears.

The lovebirds at sunset.

A view of our neighborhood from a penthouse bar.

Booster enjoying a girlie drink inside the bar

Tropical flowers at every turn

A garden path at Shuri Castle

John, once again mocking the wildlife.

Absurdly large coy fish, turtles and talapia (yum!)

I'm king of the rock!

Shuri Castle, where the king of Okinawa lived.

The king's throne

The king's crown.  Excellent beadwork.

A photo of the gang of 9 at the G8 summit, held in Okinawa a few years ago.  Look closely and you can see Tony Blair and Bill Clinton

A view from Shuri Castle

Watch for wild boars.  I feel like I live in an episode of Lost.

Me and Aviva, my walking buddy.

Our local ferris wheel at night

A roadside ice cream stand on Highway 58...cause why not?

Saturday is protest day.

The nice Okinawan ladies who had no idea where the train station was.

1 comment:

aviva5271 said...

Walking buddy is a big fat lie (like my big fat rear) - so let's make that the truth again soon. And get a drink at that penthouse bar too... i likey. Or a much cheaper drink at OUR penthouse!
(I have that exact same wild boar picture - looks like Pumbaa! I want a photo of the wooden traffic director guy.)