Monday, May 5, 2008

What will they think of next?

Take a close look at these roses. These are REAL roses, and each petal is a different color. We've all seen blue just stick the stem in some blue food coloring, and bam, blue roses. But I have no idea how they do this.

Yesterday was about as close to perfect as you can get. We packed a picnic lunch and 7 of us went to the beach to kayak and snorkel. Once we got there, there were some serious model airplane enthusiasts flying these 4 foot long planes and helicopters. They were out there like an auto show, lining them up, shining them up, tuning the innards. I think I rode on one of these babies into Bozeman, MT. More fun to watch from the ground.

The Kayaking was even better this week because we brought our snorkel gear. I'm really going to have to get an underwater camera, because words doesn't do the experience justice. We saw 2 blowfish, although they were not fully blown up. Apparently you can try to get them worked up so that they blow, but I try not to make small strange animals mad at me. (speaking of which - this weekend, I've seen several bats, a pack of roving prairie dogs, and a pet mongoose.) We saw a few black and white striped sea snakes. Apparently these are poisonous, but the don't bite? So I supposed they are poisonous for ME to eat THEM, but there was no way that was going to happen. Also there were Angel fish, which are bright yellow black and white striped. And these glorious little cerulian blue fish - the brightest blue color I've ever seen - oh! and purple star fish. Bright purple starfish everywhere. John rowed the kayak and I hung on the tail with my head underwater, it was like an amazing underwater roller coaster.


aviva5271 said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the haircut! You'll be so happy you did that when it gets warmer.

It's harder to puff out that blowfish than you think, you wouldn't be able to catch it - you have to yank its tail. My scuba teacher tried to do it and did not succeed. He said he rarely does. The sea life here is so incredible, just wait until you dive. Most of those guys under there have no desire to mess with you, so it's pretty safe.

Mongooses (mongeese?) are indigenous to Okinawa, I've seen them running around like squirrels. Weird.

The roses are crazy looking! Definitely no clue how they do that.

Petrone said...

Jennifer- You live in JAPAN. The land of technology and cameras. Treat yourself to an underwater one immediately. You're working very hard and you deserve it.

Those are Jerry Garcia roses. Clearly. That is all.

mae said...

We got a decent digital Olympus that shoots underwater (without an extra case), withstands drops from 5 ft, 220 lbs of pressure, freezing temperatures... it's great for snorkeling since you can take underwater movies, too. It was inexpensive under $300, I think.
Happy Cinco De Mayo...

Josh said...

Aviva, I didn't know mongeese were the scurrying critters I've glimpsed a few times (I thought they were a squirrel x rat mutt)! Thanks for the info!

Awesome rose photos. Where did you see those? I want to see them!

Definitely get an underwater camera, but be warned that photography down there is a LOT different than up here (basically, distances are a bigger deal so you have to get close to get good lighting & clarity).

The awesome & abundant little blue fish are colloquially called Blue Damsels. The angel-looking fish are probably Moorish Idols (they're the most sharply contrasted of the coloration you described). And the sea snakes are highly poisonous in their bite but not one bit aggressive. You'd basically have to attack them (grab them). They might approach you (I've had them swim in between my legs, back in our pre-u/w-camera days..grrr), but it's just their curiosity so try to keep your panic reflex in check with them. I think they're really cool since their motion down there is unique.

The weather these days is awesome!