Thursday, May 15, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

On Sat., we went to a party at the Metroplex, a penthouse apartment inhabited by some F-15 pilots. Unfortunately, it was too dark to get any good shots of the view. The costumes cast plenty of light, though...

I am the disco girl with the blue hair. I've always wanted blue hair, and relish the opportunity to embarrass John at my monthly JAG wives meetings. Crazy hippie that I am. Just to my right is Sadie, who is my Extreme Fitness Challenge trainer. I told her I was only drinking gatorade in that cup. Due to my dance moves later in the evening, I don't think she believed me. My pink haired doppelganger on the far left is Cortney, John's coworker, and frequent cohort.

This bat is the squadrons' mascot. He was caught 25 years ago by elder members of the squadron, and they tote him to parties in this cozy jar of formaldehyde. I woke up and he was on my kitchen counter - John had decided in his jello-shot-induced stupor that it would be a funny idea if the lawyers kidnapped him and sent a ransom note. We told him that no one likes lawyers and he should probably not mess with F-15 pilots and their pets. The bat was promptly returned the next morning.

This imposter on the right was not part of our costume fact I think she followed us to the only costume store on the island and then bought the exact outfit we bought so she could hang with us.

Booster decided not to come in costume, but oddly, fit right in anyway.


Tracey said...

John looks like Lu!

Sumeba Miyako said...

OMG, I KNOW! That's the first thing I said when he put on his wig!