Monday, November 23, 2009

Community stew

The course participants have started to trickle in. There is a farmer from washigton state. A 65 year old travel addict from Bordeaux who is here for 7 months (don't you miss the wine and cheese?!) there's the yogi fm Canada, the German coeds, the Canadian doctor, the Aussie on a post college tour, the international studies teacher from Denver who is on a 2 year tip around he world with his wife. And of course the British ladies who adore their oneness with nature and abhor Delhi. On this we can all find common ground. 

The rest of us seasoned volunteers (I'll indulge myself with membership in this crowd) have been simmering and carmelizing in a pot of Navdanya spices and are now called upon to flavor the newbies with membership in the farm community. What a fragrant and delicious dal curry we make! It's like summer camp for earth lovers! Tomorrow will bring even more ingredients and from what I understand, even an Okinawan girl! I bet a touch of Goya would add a tasty flavor...