Friday, November 13, 2009

This is LIFE

Yesterday we were visited by about a hundred students from a nearby boardingschool of Tibetan refugee children, grade 8. They were here to study ecology. The English they spoke was quite impressive. "ma'am, can you please tell me was this plant is? Ma'am can you please tell me what is the county with the largest apple exports? Ma'am at what latitude is best for growth of papaya?" and then they'd scribble furiously in their notebooks.  
Once they'd uncovered that I was from the US, they wanted to know if ID been to the inaguration of president obama, if I knew Harry potter (?) and Hannah Montana. Also, had I ever met the dalai lama? Well, they all had - of course, and told me that when I did (not if) my heart would be filled with immeasureable joy.

As their Teacher attmepted to corral them for the walk home, a few of them walked out with one of our puppies. They assured me that the kitchen staff said they could have him. "no!" I said "he's not old enough! (only a month). Jeetpol says to me "Anne marie, everyone must eventually go- I livey family too, this is LIFE." I suppose he is right but I missed the pup all night long.

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leighbert said...

I love that "immeasurable joy" :)