Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mussoorie - the Queen of the Hill Stations

My lodgings in mussorie were wonderful. The hotel is surrounded by terraced gardens and it hangs off a hill. My room had a little enclosed glass solarium with one of those wicker bird swings so I could sit inside while I watched the stars and the night life across the valley. The shower was hot as can be, although the pressure left much to be desired.  Finally I just started filling up a small bucket with warm water and dumping it on myself which felt lovely. Also having a bathroom IN your room and not having to venture into the night air is something I will never again underestimate.

The night time views are stunning. Mussoorie hangs from what seems to be a bottomless mountian and glitters like the raj's jewelry box. The road up here twisted and looped about. I don't think they have the same 6% incline max on roads as they do in california. It reminded me of the road to hanna in Hawaii. I was defintiely nauseaus but made it with my dignity intact.

Daytime views are just as beautiful. The main road that links both ends of the city wraps around a valley that is fillled with fog, but is clear enough for you to realize that you are way the he'll up there. 

Since this is a vacation destination, and they are perhaps used to seeing people of different stripes, I know longer feel like a fish walking around on legs. Also the store keepers are attentive but respectful when you choose to browse but not purchase. I remember in Korea they'd practically snarl at you if you failed to buy after taking up their time.

This morning I'm going to enjoy some chai and some gohbi parantha, a thin torilla like bread stuffed with a spiced cauliflower mix. Then I will walk up to a town called Landour via a 5k trail and absorb some of the mountain air.

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